We have closed

The law firm of Hennig Faulkner Woelk, LLP (formerly Aron & Hennig, LLP) closed on Friday, July 31, 2020, and the firm is no longer providing legal services.

Mail should be addressed to PO Box 1598, Laramie, WY 82073-1598.

The firm’s Office Manager, Jamie Phillips, will continue to be available to answer questions and provide assistance at (307) 745-7358 or by email at jp@wyoming.law.

Attorney Janice Rerucha is of counsel with the law firm of Brown & Hiser, LLC, 163 North 4th Street, PO Box 971, Laramie, WY 82073, telephone (307) 745-7358. Jan’s new e-mail address is jrerucha@brownandhiser.law.

Attorney Galen Woelk has joined the law firm of Brown & Hiser, LLC, 163 North 4th Street, PO Box 971, Laramie, WY 82073, telephone (307) 745-7358.  Galen’s new e-mail address is gwoelk@brownandhiser.law.

Attorney Kevin Carrico has joined the law firm of Prehoda, Edwards & Rampulla, LLC, 1273 North 15th Street, Suite 101, Laramie, WY 82072, telephone (307) 742-7896; Kevin’s new e-mail address is kcarrico@laramielaw.com.

Attorney Brock Faulkner has relocated to the State of Oregon to pursue other professional opportunities.

Attorney Rich Hennig has retired from the practice of law after 44 years with the firm.  We congratulate and thank Rich for his excellent legal service to his clients, and we wish him well.

If you are a client of the firm and have a matter that is currently active or pending, the lawyer handling your matter will contact you. If the firm has any original business records (such as corporate books), those records will either be returned to you or will accompany the lawyer who handles your business matter. If the firm has original personal documents (such as estate and personal planning documents), those documents can be returned to you or transferred to another attorney or law firm per your instructions; otherwise, those original documents will accompany Janice Rerucha, and she will be contacting you in the coming months to obtain your instructions.

We have appreciated the opportunity to provide legal services to you since 1975, and look forward to new opportunities to serve you and our community.  Thank you for having entrusted your legal matters to us.